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Legal Advice, Analysis, Litigation Risk and Cost-Effectiiveness Assessment, Second Opinions, Negotiation, Mediation, Advocacy, Co-Counseling, Consulting, Planning, Strategy, Assistance in Law Firm Review and Selection, and Thoughtful Questions Designed to Help You Think Carefully about Everything from Your Particular Legal Situation and How to Address It to Your Company's Management of Its Legal Operations and Matters

I use, and you benefit from, the LaugmentTM lawyer augmentation system that lives on LawMoose in its subscriber edition. Actually I built it too.
A long time ago, in the spring of 1997, I wrote an article I called Intranet-Powered Law Practice. It was gone from he Web for a long time, but I've restored it to its original location, on this website.

Disclaimer: Right now, if you're reading this but have no established relationship with me evidenced by a written agreement, I'm not your lawyer. Nor will I become your lawyer merely by contacting me with a question or inquiring about my availability to represent you. If (1) you want to hire me, (2) I agree I want to work with you, and (3) we agree on a scope of work, then (4) we'll document our relationship, and when that's all done, then an attorney-client relationship will begin. LawMoose is authored and published by Pritchard Law Webs, not the Law Office of LaVern A. Pritchard.

Minnesota Attorney License 0088444, admitted in 1979.